eNET Internetkutató és Tanácsadó Kft.

Building Data Warehouse and Data Mining

eNET creates value on the field of data warehouses, and realted datamining, analysis.

Through building data warehouses, eNET uses open-, and closed-source tools (e.g. database engine – PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra; Big Data – Apache Hadoop (Hive, Pig), Impala; ETL – Kettle, Pentaho, Riporting – jasperServer; Ad Hoc riporting – FlySpeed; ROLAP – Mondrian, jPivot)

eNET’s data mining activity is aimed at identifying hidden correlations in the following business areas, applying strong mathematical and analytical calculations to large amounts of information provided by our clients or stored in external databases:

The following methodologies are used in data mining:

Our data mining service is recommended to businesses and institutions that collect masses of data which should be utilised for well-founded decision-making as well as operational and business development, taking advantage of the correlations within those data.

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