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Mobile Internet connection – wanted all year round

2016. October 05.

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers, the number of mobile Internet users is growing steadily in Hungary, and has by now reached 2.6 million. Even though mobile Internet access may be especially important in the summer holiday season, we cannot do without it in the rest of the year either: people are online always and everywhere. This time, eNET – Telekom’s „Report on the Internet Economy” focuses on mobile Internet usage.2.6 million mobile Internet users in Hungary

As indicated by online research conducted by eNET in August and September 2016, as many as two thirds of adult Hungarian Internet users have smartphones and about 25% use tablet computers. Some 98% of people (more than 3.5 million Hungarians) use a wifi connection on their smartphones and/or tablets, and 72% (2.6 million people) use a cellular Internet connection. Within cellular Internet subscribers, the ratio of people taking advantage of a fast 4G connection has reached 62%.


Mobile Internet access – connection to the world and loved ones

Mobile Internet users are now accustomed to the benefits of this technology, and consider it crucial to gathering information and keeping in touch with others. This was the case over the past summer as well: 62% are of the opinion that a cellular data connection helped them keep up-to-date during their holidays and the festival season; more than half of them say that it would have been much more difficult to find programs, sights and restaurants without mobile Internet; and for 45% it was the main tool to keep in touch with relatives, friends and acquaintances at home.


No more holiday without mobile Internet

Mobile Internet access has become indispensable in planning and organising summer programs: 33% of all subscribers use the service more frequently in the summer than in the rest of the year to check the weather forecast; 32% opt for more GPS navigation and maps, and 25% for travel organisation in the holiday season.

During the summer recuperation period (holidays, trips, festival visits, excursions), finding information was clearly in focus: cellular Internet connection in smartphones and/or tablets was primarily used to obtain travel information (74%), find programs and sights (70% both), and locate restaurants and clubs (66%).


In line with the above, mobile Internet access was primarily used at home (58%), while travelling (70%), outdoors (e.g. at the sea, during festivals, in parks) (61%) and at accommodation sites (hotels, camp sites, holiday homes) (56%).

Even though certain mobile Internet activities gain importance in the summer, most of these – such as browsing, finding information, e-mailing, social media, or even chatting – are independent of the current season, i.e. they are performed anywhere and any time. Unsurprisingly, the end of summer does not stop the proliferation of mobile Internet access: 19% of people who do not currently use a cellular connection on their smartphones and/or tablets plan to subscribe within a year, and another 15% are contemplating to do so.

Not without my mobile Internet!

About 2.6 million people use mobile Internet services in Hungary, who are definitely unwilling to forego that convenience, especially in the summer season. Whether it’s a holiday, trip, festival or excursion, mobile Internet is now crucial in planning and organising programs, finding information, and sharing one’s experiences. Of course, mobile data connection is necessary in the rest of the year, too – more and more people perceive life inconceivable without it.

eNET – Telekom

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