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Almost 200,000 hardcore gamers in Hungary – e-sports in figures

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On an average weekday, a young Hungarian e-sport gamer spends three hours playing games, and that duration rises to five hours on weekends. 44% are or intend to become competitive players. The most popular game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. These are the main conclusions of a survey looking into e-sports in Hungary, jointly conducted by eNET Internet Research, Esportmilla –…

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Smartphones blur the line between work and private life

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As the widespread availability of smartphones promotes a continuous online presence, the boundary between work and private life is increasingly blurred. It is possible to attend to our private chores and keep in touch with family and friends even during working hours – and likewise, with the help of smartphones, work-related duties can be performed at any time. Most smartphone…

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News, music and films now consumed on mobile phones

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Almost 4.5 million people now use smartphones in Hungary, and 90% regularly consume content of some kind on their mobile phones. Smartphones can replace all other devices as they are used not only to read news and articles and listen to music, but also to watch short videos and even full movies. And such content increasingly comes from online sources…

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Internet at Christmas: Connecting Us and Providing Activities

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The Internet is integral to keeping families together in the Christmas period, just like at other times. It connects us with friends and loved ones who are far away, and offers increasingly popular options for the typical year-end pastimes of watching movies, TV series and other programmes.  Even though live television still prevails at Christmas, six out of ten respondents…

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Shared goods, divided opinions

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Even though the definition of sharing / peer-to-peer / collaborative economy has remained unclear for years, the economic model itself is gaining ground not only internationally but in Hungary as well. Slightly more than one third of Hungarian adult Internet users have heard about the notion of collaborative / sharing economy, and one in five respondents actually participates in it…

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Mobile Internet connection – wanted all year round

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With the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers, the number of mobile Internet users is growing steadily in Hungary, and has by now reached 2.6 million. Even though mobile Internet access may be especially important in the summer holiday season, we cannot do without it in the rest of the year either: people are online always and everywhere. This time,…

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Olympics on TV and online: 600,000 to follow games on smartphones in Hungary

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Adult Hungarian Internet users are committed sports fans: 69%, i.e. over 3.5 million people plan to watch the Rio Olympic Games. Seven out of 10 respondents want to see all sports in which Hungarian athletes participate. Smartphones, tablet computers and (mobile) Internet access provide more opportunities to cheer for sportsmen than ever before. The latest survey in eNET-Telekom’s “Report on…

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Good mobile ads provide information

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Mobile advertisements are proliferating in Hungary and now offer an opportunity to reach masses. As much as 79% of those who go online with their mobile phones, i.e. 2.9 million people see ads on the screens of their devices. A mobile ad should provide useful information rather than entertainment, the latest research by eNET – Madhouse on mobile advertisements reveals.

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Three out of four people would play mobile games for a noble cause

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As smartphones and tablet computers proliferate, the popularity of mobile games that can be played anywhere and anytime is increasing dynamically in Hungary: now as many as 2.8 million smartphone users and 1.1 million tablet users play mobile games. Even though people consider mobile gaming primarily as an entertainment and leisure time activity, they would feel inspired if a game…

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How far can Netflix go in Hungary?

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Netflix, an online TV service that has been exceedingly popular in the United States for several years, was launched in Hungary in January 2016. Why is it so important? The company could reshuffle the Hungarian market of conventional TV subscriptions and online video services. It may satisfy the needs of TV and movie aficionados by offering a wide range of…

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